DirectX Video Renderer


GPU processing features

• Accepts inputs > 8 bpc 

• One or Two pass 

• Uses D3D10 Pixel Shaders 

• 32-bits float precision 

• Upsampler / Scaler 

• YUV to RGB 

• RGB range 

• Chromatic adaptation (XYZ to sRGB, user defined) 

• Output to 8, 10 or 16 bpc


What is JPEG2000 ?

JPEG2000 is the new international standard for image compression method and file format. This is the successor of the well-known traditional JPEG written by the ISO group Joint Photographic Experts Group.

Contrary to the technology JPEG which used DCT functions, JPEG2000 technology is based on an mathematical algorithm called wavelets to compress image that provides high compression with image quality superior to all existing standard encoding techniques even at low bit rates.

That’s the reason why JPEG2000 has a number of advantages over the JPEG Format.

JPEG2000 Advantages vs. JPEG ?

JPEG2000 Application domains ?

JPEG2000 is the new image encoding standard that provides essential features to many emerging imaging applications. Its features make JPEG2000 an excellent solution for :